Founding Members of Chrysalis Circle Cooperative, LLC

Joe Toal

Joe is our "idea man", he keeps us all motivated and moving in the right direction.
A man of many talents (check out his website on the links page!) he has inspired all of us to be more creative.

Deb Toal

Deb is our "super shopper", if there's a deal to be had, Deb's all over it.
A great researcher and financial wiz,  an important asset for our future endeavor.

Lori Eger

Lori is our "organizer", she keeps the records and keeps this website going.
She's also got a website (check out her website on the links page!) that has her crafts showcased and offers ministry services for those that desire one of a kind pagan ceremonies for weddings/handfastings.

Jim Eger

Jim is the "farmer" of the group, he loves to work with nature and create beautiful life from it.
He has natural talent in landscaping, farming and animal husbandry (check out his website on our links page!), he will be a valuable asset in our future community.

Ken Moyer

Ken is another "idea man", he's a great researcher that thinks outside the box, as well as a massage therapist and artist.
A very talented and etherial individual that keeps challenging himself and all of us to be the best we can be.

Lisa O'Grady

Lisa can fix just about anything, she's a wealth of knowledge in so many areas, a real jack of all trades. She will be very valuable in keeping everything running smoothly as we create our new community.